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Hello to all of my wonderful friends and fans!

Thank you so much for following me on this blog!  When I first started this blog, I never imagined that I would write more than one book!

Now I have four books and fourteen short stories published and I’m about to release a new children’s novel in December, “Outside The Circle”!

In an effort to place all of my work on one website, I have created an Author site.

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“Beyond Earth” attending Boston ComicCon

Medway, MA-  Author, Arlene Lagos  announced today that “Beyond Earth” will be attending Boston Comic Con this August 3rd and 4th at The Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, MA. Tickets, hours and directions can be found on the Boston Comic Con website.

“Beyond Earth” is book one of the Beyond Earth Series written by Arlene Lagos. It’s an indie, young adult, science-fiction fantasy novella.

Hidden in the fabric of our own galaxy are five planets, anchored to Earth and thriving with life. When young Adaminia walks through a doorway and onto another planet, she learns the truth about her destiny. She must locate the other six warriors and unite their shared power in order to fight off the growing darkness set to destroy their existence.

Lagos has written poetry, stage plays, screenplays and short stories for over 20 years. In addition to writing the Beyond Earth Series she also has twelve award-winning short stories published in the Giant Tales anthology. Lagos currently resides in Massachusetts with her husband and their daughter.

“Beyond Earth”, Book I is now available in paperback and eBook on Amazon, iBookstore, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and more.

Beyond Earth


Beyond Earth Book Trailer. Enjoy, share, tweet, repeat!!!!
Written by: Arlene Harrington Lagos
Cinematography/Editing: Almont Green
Model: Rayn Dudzikowski
Voice-over:Caryn Clark

Ticket to Ride

Official Selection 2013 Charleston International Film Festival

April 24-28th 2013

Ticket to Ride explores what happens when a store clerk and his cat get in between two best friends and 70 million dollars. All they wanted was a ticket. What they got was a ride.

Watch the trailer…

Ticket to Ride tells the story of Wendell and Phil, two long time best friends and roommates who are perpetually down on their luck. Wendell and Phil are avid lottery players who always play the same numbers and have been doing so for years.  One fateful night they are rushing on their moped to get to the store to purchase their lotto ticket before the 10 o’clock cut off time, only to arrive 5 minutes til to find the door locked with a make shift sign that reads “Back in 5 minutes.”


Meanwhile, the store clerk, Steve, is in the backroom taking photos of his show cat Mittens. This causes Wendell and Phil to miss the cut off time and they are not able to play their lucky numbers. Later that night the duo discover that their numbers have hit the jackpot and if they would have played them they would have won 70 million dollars. Wendell and Phil hatch a plan to exact revenge upon the cat loving clerk, Steve, which leads to chaos and hilarity.​


An official selection of the 2013 Charleston International Film Festival,

Premiering Saturday, April 27th at 7pm at:

Physicians Auditorium

3 College Way, College of Charleston.

Charleston, SC 29424


Twitter : @Ticket2RideFilm
Daniel Jones: Wendell
Bruce Williamson: Phil
Directed by Matt Allen
Directed by Travis Hicks
Director of Photography Harry Lipnick
Colorist Mike Howell
Music by Dominic Vega
Sound Design by Tyler N. Swafford
Written by Matt Allen & Travis Hicks
Trailer music by You Won’t “Dance Moves” album Skeptic Goodbye

Dear Stan Lee,

You are failing my gender! Where are the women?


Growing up, I have always been a fan of your work. I love the idea of people out there trying to save the world, fighting  against crime with super cool abilities and magnificently designed outfits! I love reading comics and I loved the recent Avengers movie, it was an incredibly awesome film!

So why are you putting great female characters in the shadows? There’s not only been a huge lack of emphasis on how strong and intelligent female superheroes can be, but the fact that even when you do create them, they are left in the shadows of the men. Avengers is a great example, five men and one woman, really? Maybe Hollywood did this, maybe it wasn’t your fault, but maybe you should speak up then?

Same thing with Fantastic Four, one woman. At least with XMen we were graced with the pleasure of seeing Storm, Jean Grey and Rogue. But even in the title itself, “XMEN”  the emphasis is always more on the dominant alpha male, leaving the women in the shadows.

How come Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, and Thor get their own movies and none of your female superheroes do?  Was Black Widow not worthy of her own story? You created these beautiful characters like Thundra, Ms Marvel, Tigra, Wasp and the Invisible Woman; just to brand them as hot-sexy sidekicks that couldn’t hold a box office down on their own?

I’m sorry sir, but I disagree. My gripe isn’t just with you though. I’m still pissed at DC Comics for the fact that I’ve had to watch endless remakes of Batman, and Superman but not one movie about Wonder Woman, really? Not one? And just how many versions of Spider-man can one girl take?

Well Stan, and all the others out there that think the female superhero is just a sexy sidekick, I have two words for you: Beyond Earth. My story has seven superheroes; four women, three men and all equally badass. So hold on to your privates, because there is a new sheriff in town and she’s all woman. See you in June.

Arlene Lagos

Author, Beyond Earth Series

*picture courtesy of Northern Illinois Geek

(Black Widow didn’t even make the picture!)

Bring Your Friends: Saul Brooks


Saul Brooks began playing music at the age of two when his stepfather taught him to play drums. By age four, he was playing drums in church. At age fourteen his mom bought him his first real guitar and he hasn’t looked back since. The singing came later. “One day I just sat down on the couch and started humming along to a song and thought ‘well let’s see if I can really sing”.

His first live performance was at Happy Valley High School’s talent show where he won first place. After that he began playing shows opening for his close friend and mentor, country singer Cody McCarver. He recently played a role in the film “Vengeance Without Mercy” by Christopher Forbes (release date set for this spring 2013), and is currently producing two music videos for songs on his upcoming CD “Bring Your Friends” to be released this May 2013.


Saul and the band will be hosting Open Mic at Mynt at 135 Calhoun St, Charleston, SC on Tuesday, April 23, beginning at 8PM. They will be doing pre-sales for the CD(autographed), and you can even sing a song with the band! Mynt will be offering great drink specials, and as always $1.00 tacos and $3.00 Margaritas. Come on out and join us, and please, “Bring Your Friends”.

Saul Brooks Band is composed of singer/songwriter Saul Brooks, Lead Guitarist Curtis Vanoy, Bass player Chuck Hendrix, Drummer Brandon Gordon, and Drummer Will Newhouse.


Saul Brooks Band needs your help to be selected as one of three bands to participate in a battle of the bands for the chance to open for Kenny Chesney on May 4th in Columbia, SC.

To vote, go to the Contest page at; keyword: “win”.

Voting begins 4/08/13 at 12 noon/EST and ends on 4/17/13 at 11:59 PM/EST
Voting is limited to one vote per verified email address per day.

At the conclusion of the voting period, the Station will select up to 3 semi finalists which will include the submission which receives the most votes. The semi finalists will compete in a live performance at Red’s Ice House on 4/25/13.

Saul Brooks Band Website

Music Videos

Music on ReverbNation

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Gaslighting at the Oscars

Seth MacFarlane

If you witnessed it, like many others, you were surprised. You may have even laughed, but the truth is, it was horrible, tasteless and a perfect example of Gaslighting. I’m of course referring to host Seth MacFarlane’s inappropriate Oscar stint, “We saw your boobs”.

What many don’t realize is that anyone that did laugh did so uncomfortably; especially if they were a woman and even more so if they were any of the women mentioned.

Gaslighting is the practice of systematically convincing an individual that their understanding of reality is mistaken or false.

So when a few women stood up and started shouting that what Seth MacFarlane did at the Oscars was wrong, they were thrown back with the classic Gaslighting manipulation: “You’re overreacting, relax, don’t you have a sense of humor?”

 When someone says these things to you, it’s intended to shut you down from addressing their bad behavior which is emotional manipulation, pure and simple.

 This is exactly what happens in our country to women everyday in the workplace, in the home and even in the limelight. This emotional manipulation feeds an epidemic in our country, one that defines women as irrational or overly sensitive.

Those who engage in Gaslighting create a reaction — whether it’s anger, frustration, sadness — in the person they are dealing with. Then, when that person reacts, the Gaslighter makes them feel uncomfortable and insecure by behaving as if their feelings aren’t rational or normal.

Even powerful women in Hollywood, ones that bear the brunt of this type of manipulation remain silent. Why?


photo by Chris Pizzuti (AP)

One well known actress did not take it lightly. I applaud Jamie Lee Curtis’s recent slam of Seth MacFarlane and his misogynistic approach. But why haven’t more women spoken up about it?

Because we are conditioned not too.  Sadly, it’s easier to emotionally manipulate women because people have been conditioned by our society to accept it. Men continue to burden women whether the Gaslighting is conscious or not, to produce the same result; to keep us silent.

Gas lighting is a game. One you might not see coming if you don’t know what to look for. If you already have self-esteem issues, it is easier for someone to gaslight you. The best thing to do is keep your self-esteem high and be more vocal when you feel like someone is trying to take away your power through verbal manipulation.

Gloria Steinem quotes, “The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn.”

Seth MacFarlane needs to unlearn his behavior towards women. Moreover, he needs to apologize. Really apologize, not just to the women he Gaslighted at the Oscars; but to women everywhere. I’ll be waiting for mine, Seth.


The term Gasslight  comes from the 1940’s suspense thriller set in nineteenth-century London. In the movie, Paula (Ingrid Bergman) marries the villainous Gregory Anton (Charles Boyer), not realizing that he is the one who murdered her aunt and is now searching for her missing jewels.

To cover up his treachery, he tries to persuade Paula that she is going mad, so he can search the attic for the jewels without her interference. He plants missing objects on her person in order to make her believe that she has no recollection of reality. He tries to isolate her, not allowing her to have visitors or to leave the house. However, she uncovers the truth when she notices the dimming of the gaslight.

Links to other articles on Gaslighting that I used as a reference for this blog:

An Interview With Musician Juliet O’Day



At what age did you realize you loved music?

I started taking piano lessons when I was six.  It was tough to get really good at that age because I would rather be outside with my brother and his friends than practicing.  I took-up sax when I was 13.  I played in a school stage band and a jazz band that ended up going to Europe one summer and playing in the Montreux International Jazz Festival.  I kind of stopped with the instruments when I went to college.  I refused to play in a marching band and that is what you would have had to do to be able to play in the school jazz program; it wasn’t for me.

What events in your life do you think shaped you as a musician?

After my freshman year at college, my brother and I were in a car accident.   My brother died two weeks after the accident, and I had a head injury that put me in a coma for 6 weeks.  It was, and still is very tough because he was my best friend.  A few years later I started to get back into playing the guitar.  I then did a little banjo, bought a drum set, and learned a little bass.  I started to write my own music and that has been really fun.

Who are some of your musical influences?

I have really loved Pink Floyd most of my life.  Melissa Ethridge and Sheryl Crow are the ladies I prefer to listen to now.   Dave Matthews is a great artist.  I really love the alternative folk sound.  But, I also love to give all types of music a chance.  There is so much out there and you really can miss out if you limit yourself.

Is there any music you won’t listen to and why?

I try to be open-minded about a lot of stuff out there, but sometimes it’s hard.   I find a lot of the Hip Hop very degrading to women and find it difficult to think about the young girls listening to it and thinking that they have to do or be involved in some of the crazy junk that they are singing about.   I believe it also teaches young boys that this is what girls like and that those things are normal. I can’t believe some of the stuff I hear.   I sound like my parents!

What do you want your songs to be about?

I like for people to hear things they need to hear when they need to hear it, to be inspired, something that can give them hope.


Just Released:

My interpretation of Amy Grant’s “Breathe of Heaven”  Juliet O’Day- vocals, guitar, and sax. Additional guitar by Craig Smith

If you would like to hear more of Juliet O’Day Music just click on the link.

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Artist Spotlight: Perfectly Normel People



The Footlight Players is proud to present alongside Thomas Burke Heath &  Judy Heath the world premiere of their second play, Perfectly Normel People.

For Charlestonians and festival visitors looking to be a part of something special from the very beginning, be sure not to miss Perfectly Normel People, a comedy that asks, “Isn’t every family normal?” This is a hilarious fish-out-of-water comedy about what happens when a college freshman from Kansas moves in with a dysfunctional Italian family from Queens! This funny and poignant memory play takes place in 1981 around the loud, but loving Normellino Family. They have survived many losses in their inner circle and often deal with their pain through biting humor and arguing. When the protagonist young Hadley Smith moves in, a transformation takes place for the naïve mid-westerner, as well as for the hurting family.

Performances include May 25, May 31, and June 2 at 8 pm; May 26 and June 3 at 3 pm; and May 28 at 5 pm. Tickets are $26 for adults and $21 for seniors/students, and must be purchased through Piccolo Spoleto by visiting or by calling 1-866-811-4111

The talented cast of Perfectly Normel People includes: Sean Marino (Adult Hadley), Steven Cardinal (Adam, Stranger), Katie Holland (Brenda, Rainbow, Bernadette), Jacqueline Helmer (Mom, Clerk, Margaret), Bronson Taylor (Hadley), Scott Cason (Dad), Tripp Hamilton (Frankie), Lara Allred (Angela), Thomas Burke Heath (Johnny), Paulette Bertolami (Connie), and Ross Magoulas (Pops).


It was less than a year ago that the Heath’s first show, The Sunset Years, sold out every performance during The Village Playhouse Summer Series. Their plan is to publish their plays and have them produced up the coast at other theatres and hopefully make it to New York. The husband and wife playwriting team originally met up in New York during a regional production of Murder on the Re-Run where they played sniping characters that hated each other and then the two would laugh off stage at the craziness of the plot.

After a year as just friends, Thomas took a chance and kissed Judy and they’ve been together ever since! They were seen on stage 14 years later with Robert Ivey in the Footlight Players’ production of London Suite, which was directed by Clarence Felder. Thomas has also appeared locally in Glengarry Glen Ross, Rounding Third, Speed-the-Plow and The Weir. He plays as the “bad” father in the film Liberating Jesse, which was shown at this year’s Charleston International Film Festival.

For their day jobs, Judy is a board certified psychotherapist and co-founder with Thomas of the Life Guidance Center in West Ashley, as well as the author of No Time for Tears: Surviving Grief in America and the children’s book, I Miss Matthew. She was recently named one of the 50 Most Progressive People in Charleston. Thomas is owner of Heatherwood Entertainment & Media and just finished directing a music video for Charleston Indie Singer/Songwriter John Thomas.

Footlight Contact:

Chrissy Oddi

Playwright Contact:

Thomas Burke Heath

Artist Spotlight: Sadie Alexandru

Sadie Alexandru

You recently made your debut as “Scarlett” on a recent episode of the four-time Emmy award-winning series MadMen on AMC. What was it like to be on set with veteran actors like Jon Hamm, Jared Harris, Christina Henricks and John Slattery?

They are all so seasoned and welcoming.  In the moments when it was time to work they were really focused and professional.  In between takes, they were very easy-going and there was lots of clowning around!  They’re a funny bunch!  It’s a pretty tight-knit crew and they’ve done some amazing things together; there is an air of pride and ease amongst them that I haven’t seen before.  It was quite amazing.  It really couldn’t have been a better experience for me.

Tell me about the auditions, how many rounds did you go through before you received the role?

In the morning I had my audition for casting, then they asked me to stick around the area to attend the call back to producers 2 hours later.  I left the studio lot, drove back to my apartment and not 30 minutes after I entered my front door I got a call from my manager’s office telling me to go back down there for my hair and make-up test for my shoot the next day.  It was a pretty crazy 24 hours!

You’ve also recently done guest appearances in the HBO/Cinemax film noir “Femme Fatales” opposite Casper Van Dien, what was that experience like?

Not only is Casper Van Dien a cool cat, but we discovered that we grew up in the same town in New Jersey so there was LOTS to talk about.  He’s really funny and easy to work with.  He’s got a humongous fan base but he’s super down-to-earth.

Did you always want to be an actress?

Yes, I have.  I was a ballerina as a kid and I always wanted to shout out during recitals…I loved dance but I always felt that I wanted to be more vocal.

Have you done theatre as well?

Yes, quite a lot.  I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University and I also studied at the London Academy of Theater.  My background is ALL theater training.  I worked every department of the theater, I re-upholstered couches for set pieces, ran a light board…I’ve done it all.  The program teaches actors to be well-rounded in the theater.  I love it.  I just recently closed a long running production of an original play by the brilliant playwright Rob Mersola entitled “Love Sucks”.

 I understand you’re also a huge supporter of independent film, is there anything coming up we can see you in?

I just Co-Produced and played a supporting role in an independent film called “Act Naturally.”  We just won the audience choice award at the United Film Festival and it will be showing in that same festival in London on June 4th.

If you could work with any director, who would it be and why?

I am obsessed with the Coen Brothers.  They are like the chameleons of the film industry; you never know what they are going to put out next!  I love their writing, I love how character driven their stories are, I love how dark and funny and slice-of-life they are.  I just love everything about them and I would be over the moon to work with them.

 If you could act alongside any Actor/Actress who would it be and why?

There are so many.  Mostly I want to work with actors I truly respect and feel would raise the bar for me; push me in directions I never thought possible…to name a few that come to mind: Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Don Cheadle, Catherine O’Hara, Laura Linney, Frances McDormand, Kate Winslet, Tom Hanks, Steve Buscemi, Forest Whittaker…oh the list goes on.

You originally hail from New Jersey, what brought you to Los Angeles?

I was working a lot commercially in New York but I was not working theatrically as much as I liked.  I was on a vacation with my Dad and brother in Bucharest, Romania; I woke up one morning, came down to breakfast and told them that I felt I wasn’t doing everything I possibly could to make my dreams come true.  I explained that the Film/Television Mecca of the US was in L.A. and if I didn’t give it a try, I’d be making a big mistake.  Three months later I was in L.A.

Will we be seeing you in future episodes of MadMen?

Now, you know I can’t tell you that! 😉  Keep watching!

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