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Giant Tales, Dangerous Days (Book 4)

Giant Tales, Book 4

Giant Tales, Book 4

Is global warming really happening or is does it exist in the imagination of people who aren’t in touch with the cycle of changes in the Earth’s atmosphere? Thirty-two creative fiction writers developed short stories by working with the concept of global warming and mysterious crowns. Enter into a new world where something has ushered in very hot days. Four more chapters of fifty-three giant tales: Global Warming, Dangerous Days, Crowns, and Another World.

West of Lucky 

My short story, “West of Lucky” is included in this Anthology.  In “West of Lucky”  A young woman follows a suspicious man into the forest and she discovers that he is from another world. This short story is about superstition and how it can cause someone to manifest things that aren’t really there. Clearly, the main character clings to her superstition as a way of life, which prevents her from seeing what’s really happening around her. People do all sorts of crazy things in the name of religion and belief. I wanted to take her beliefs and show how quickly they can turn fantastical.

33 Authors include: Joyce Shaughnessy, Tom Russell, Andy McKell, Todd Folstad, Sylvia Stein, Arlene Lagos, Mike Boggia, Randall Lemon, Glenda Reynolds, J.R. O’Neill, H.M. Schuldt, Gene Hilgreen, Mirta Oliva, Alli Vaughan, Lynette White, Connie Flanagan, Neil Carrol Ellison, D C Mills, Rebecca Lacy, Karen Beck, Shelly Heskett Harris, Lynn Johnston, Mary Agrusa, Karen Hopkins, A.A. Abbott, Craig Teal, Shae Hamrick, Robert A. Strobel, Victor J.M. Christensen, Tim Girard, Elaine Faber, and Randy Dutton

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